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Cited by the Douglas Magazine as a business embracing the redefinition of 'golden years' and featured in the Times Colonist as "the business that brings enrichment to lives" with their online and on-site tutoring systems, eGurus specializes in teaching older adults to effectively use technology to enhance their lives as well as anyone else who needs a little help.

Jennifer Cairns, founder and CEO of eGurus Technology Tutors launched her company in 2006 (formerly Computer Tutor for Seniors), after identifying a massive need among older adults. "The idea came after watching my parents integrate computers into their lives," says Cairns. "And businesses were increasingly using the Internet as their preferred point of contact." Since starting her company, Cairns has personally taught many hundreds of seniors, crafted comprehensive, online programs, and trained tutors who share her mission. "Our mission is to help our customers stay connected to a rapidly changing technological world by empowering them with exceptional training," says Cairns.

eGurus provides set-up, training and support on computer and related technology products such as smartphones, iphones, eReaders, digital cameras, printers, scanners - you name it, they can teach you about it - in the privacy and comfort of your home. Their highly trained tutors will arrive at your home, assess your training needs, recommend a personalized training plan and deliver services based on your pace and learning style.

If you don't see your location listed, please send a request and remember, we offer remote tutoring.