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A unique technology instruction service

Our philosophy is to teach you to comfortably use your computer, other technology and, as far as you are interested, to teach you how to maintain and repair your computer and technology devices.

Hiring the services of an eGurus technology tutor will also allow other technology users - your friends or family – to have a much easier time connecting with you. Technology and the connectivity it brings you will help you form more meaningful relationships with people you care about.

In short, we empower you with knowledge and teach YOU to be the eGuru. We do this with three support services that can each be tailored to your unique needs.

In Home Tutoring

We provide one-on-one, In Home Tutoring services so you can learn and ask question in the comfort of your own home. After your lessons are over, if you need a little reminder about a certain detail, our friendly tutors are at your beck and call. We customize your technology training to ensure your learning experience is fun, inspiring and fulfilling.

Remote Assistance

If you live outside our service area, or if you prefer learning online our remote tutoring service lets you learn in the comfort and privacy of your own home. An eGurus technology tutor provides you with the same service as an in home tutoring session, just not in person. This is a great training through a secure connection. The security of our connection is the same as that used by banks. And you will see the same quality, friendly service and enjoy the same learning experience as you would with an in home tutor.

Technical Support

Eventually, we all run into basic technical problems. eGurus' technology tutors love technical challenges because we can approach each one as a learning experience. We will explain what the technical problem is, how it arose and then teach you some preventative measures to help you to be your own 'computer 'techie' and fix the problem yourself if it arises again.

If you don't really care to learn about fixing technological challenges and you just want your computer or technology device fixed so you can carry on "business as usual", that's all right too. We'll fix the problem and quickly get things back to normal for you.

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