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Terry Sirup


  • London Drugs

    The computer department staff is very knowledgeable of the products that they sell. Greg Machin is the assistant manager and Alan Robinson is the manager. The direct phone line to the computer department is 250.701.6224.




  • Cowichan Literacy Now

    Since 2007, Cowichan Literacy Now has been building a community Leteracy Plan for Cowichan.

  • Duncan Centennial

    Duncan is celebrating its 100th birthday starting March 4, 2012. The Duncan Centennial Committee has provided a website with information and event listings.


  • Cowichan Valley Recycling Directory

    Just look up the type of computer parts that you wish to recycle and the organizations that can recyclable that computer part will be listed beside the computer part.


About Duncan

Duncan is a beautiful city in the Cowichan region of Vancouver Island, just between Victoria and Nanaimo. It is known for its very walkable and friendly friendly community where you can even go on a 80 totem pole tour. eGurus Technology Tutors is proud to announce that we now provide our private technology tutoring service in Duncan and surrounding Cowichan Valley. Whether you are looking for computer lessons or computer help, we offer an in home or remote tutoring service to meet you needs.