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  • Qualicum Information

    Wikipedia provides a snapshot of facts on landmarks, history, politics & government, geography & climate, transportation to name a few.


  • Qualicum Beach Chamber of Commerce

    Peter Doukakis is the current president and CEO of Qualicum Beach. The Qualicum Beach Chamber of Commerce website provides many useful resources and updateso the Qualicum and surrounding areas.

  • Fairwinds Community Association

    Fairwinds Community Association, located in Nanoose Bay, provides a wonderful list of resources for the area's clubs and groups

  • Larry Aguilar Pottery

    Larry and Dee Aguilar are pillars in the Qualicum art community.


About Qualicum Beach

Qualicum is a beautiful coastal city that provides a temperate climate to enjoy its natural recreational community. Enjoy the sandy beaches, Englishman River, fishing, swimming golf and many more activities. Qualicum has an enjoyable relaxed lifestyle with great community spirit and pride....very enticing to retirees. Along with all the outdoor fun, Qualicum offers extensive information online to help its community stay connected. If you or someone you know is missing out on the online community, Gary Marshall with eGurus Technology Tutors offers a unique in home tutoring service to help you with all your needs.