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Tina Jubinville

A mother of two that believes life needs to be filled with love, laughter, learning and FUN!!!

As someone that has spent over 25 years working with special needs students and technology, patience and a philosophy of “True learning doesn’t take place until you make a mistake”, offers those I work with a level of comfort, security and a relaxed atmosphere to learn. Teaching technology offers me the ability to pass on what I am passionate about and to help to make someone’s life easier and even more connected.

As a Microsoft Certified Professional and student from the UVIC Applied Management of Information Technology program (AMIT), I have worked with a variety of technology and different types of software in both the PC and Apple world. I love to truly “listen” to my students and clients, because many times what they have to offer is just as important if not more important than what I have to teach. It is not just about teaching, but more importantly it is about life! With a background in Musical Theatre and a joy of hitting the open road with my children, it is not uncommon to hear laughter being incorporated into many of my sessions.

If you want someone that is patient, fun, knowledgeable and passionate then I am the eGuru for you!


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